Wild Blueberry U-Pick

2020 Wild Blueberry U-Pick August 14-17 and 20-24                                               (see specific daily hours below)                                                 

Bring your own containers with lids — we will weigh them before you start picking. We have some plastic pots if you run short and some kneeling pads to  prevent sore knees.  For your own comfort we suggest you bring hats, sunscreen, drinking water and possibly bug spray. Rakes are available if you’d like to scoop and are prepared to face the misery of picking the berries over at home.

See you in the patch! There are signs directing you in from Trunk 4 to 159 George Weatherby Road, Debert, off Bulmer Cross Rd/Middle Road, Debert. We are 4 kilometres from Masstown Market.

Price: $1.25/lb

U-Pick Days & Times – August 14 – 24, 2020 (closed Tues. and Wed.)

Saturdays & Sundays
10am to 5pm

10am to 1pm
4pm to 7pm

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Thursdays and Fridays
10am to 1pm
4pm to 7pm

All dates are weather dependent.

For more information please contact us.