Fresh and Frozen Wild Low-Bush Blueberries

Fresh & Frozen Wild Blueberries For Sale Starting August 12!

As a new venture in 2017, we purchased a blueberry cleaning line and built a small freezer room. During harvest you can take home a 5 pound box of raked and cleaned berries for $18 or three boxes for $50. At the end of each day any unsold berries are frozen to maintain optimum quality.

Our first fresh berries will be available starting August 12, 2022. Fresh berries will be available for about 2 weeks or until we finish the harvest. After that fresh frozen berries will be available through the winter until the supply runs out, generally early summer of the following year.

After September 1, 2022 the price of fresh frozen berries will be $19.00 for a 5lb box or three boxes for $54.00.

During Harvest

$18.00 – 5lb box
$50.00 – three 5lb boxes

After September 1, 2022
$19.00 – 5lb box
$54.00 – three 5lb boxes

Blueberry Rewards Club – Buy 9 boxes, Get 1 FREE

As an incentive to enhance your vitamin C intake through the winter, we will offer the 10th box free to anyone who purchases 9 boxes by August 2023. Buy for yourself or act as agent for a group of friends. We will store them until you are ready to pick them up!

Winemaker & Juicer Special: During the harvesting season, frozen, under-sized berries roughly cleaned, 11 litre tub for $10. Call ahead.